About Us

EdgeNext is an innovative and independent edge cloud service provider with a global footprint, covering 250+ cities and regions, specializing in regional cloud delivery in China, APAC, and MEA. With its integrated edge cloud platform, the Company offers products and services that can combine “network + security + computing” into a single complete solution. The platform unifies infrastructure, security acceleration, and edge node services with core solutions such as CDN, Streaming, Web Application Firewall, Anti-DDoS Protection, DNS Security, Edge Cloud Server, Bare Metal Server, and more.
Global Point of
Billion Requests
Processed Daily
Tbps Redundant
Million CC Attack
Denials Daily
ms Response
Combining the cloud-based needs of the Enterprise Digital Transformation Process within the 5G and IoT application scenarios, along with service experience in a multitude of industries such as energy, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, Internet, e-commerce, and gaming, EdgeNext provides cross-industry application solutions for global enterprise customers.

Through distinctly different application scenarios across a variety of industrial verticals, EdgeNext empowers enterprises to achieve strategic planning and implementation of IT construction in a fast, secure and flexible manner, ensuring their end-users an extraordinary digital experience around the globe.