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Accelerate your websites, apps, download speed, videos, and streaming for your online users in Southeast Asia. Leverage EdgeNext’s extensive network, customized solutions, and CDN expertise to provide a seamless content experience for your target audience.

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Content Delivery Challenges

Widely Spread Population

Southeast Asia’s population is spread across 6,000+ islands, and less than half of them live in urban areas (UN, 2019). The public internet doesn’t have the network granularity needed to cover all populations—inconsistent service quality results in user distrust.


Despite the dated infrastructure, SEA is one of the fastest-growing regions for e-commerce, ride-hailing apps, and VOD content, requiring ultra-low latency and secure content delivery. High-bandwidth apps are impacted the worst by internet congestion.


Over the years, cybersecurity has become an increasingly critical issue for Asia, home to many cyber perpetrators and their targets. Malicious cyber-attacks can lead to devastating results for any digital assets delivered to the region without protection.

Unequal Network Development

The average internet speed in Singapore is almost five times quicker than in Cambodia. Infrastructure inequality can cause services instability or even outages across regions. Failure to reach more audiences compromises regional GTM campaigns.

How We Can Help

SEA Delivery

With years of experience serving entertainment (video/gaming) and e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, our R&D team developed and tested proprietary routing and caching algorithms to accommodate the unique network of SEA. Our network performance, availability, and cache-hit ratio have all been the best among all CDN providers serving the area.

Content Delivery

EdgeNext has strong ISP interconnectivity throughout Asia and strategically placed over 1,700+ nodes globally, connecting millions of users with speed and availability. We can reduce network latency and ensure a seamless experience throughout the regions, whether static or dynamic. We get you covered for website and app acceleration, file downloads, VOD, live streaming, and more.


Leveraging its high-bandwidth, globally distributed network with multiple tiered architectures, EdgeNext provides broad protections, including Anti-DDoS, WAF, and Bot management for websites and applications against sophisticated attacks. With our integrated platform, you can access CDN optimization and secured delivery at one stop without sacrificing performance for protection.

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