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EdgeNext Anti-DDoS

Instant Mitigation, Empowering Protection

Product Overview

EdgeNext's Anti-DDoS products are designed to deal with targeted, persistent, large-scale DDoS attack scenarios. It also supports private deployments for clients' data centers, enabling advanced DDoS protection with localized data cleansing.

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Product Benefits

Product Features

DDoS Traffic Cleansing

Supports network layer, transmission layer, application layer full link traffic cleansing for all-around blocking filtering of DDoS threats.

DDoS Attack and Defense Situation

Real-time display of attack data, providing panoramic attack visualization and DDoS attack incident monitoring and warning services.

Exclusive IP for Anti-DDoS Protection

Provide separate dedicated IP with traffic cleansing capability to avoid the impact of other clients' services and provide the ultimate DDoS protection.

Application Scenarios

DDoS protection
Providing additional DDoS protection capabilities through EdgeNext's global edge cloud network, diverting traffic to the DDoS protection cluster for traffic cleansing.

EdgeNext Anti-DDoS

Instant Mitigation, Empowering Protection