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Product Overview

Security CDN builds on EdgeNext’s content delivery service and deploys security capabilities to global edge nodes. It provides customers with an integrated secure content delivery service that combines acceleration and fundamental security for their web applications.

Network Snapshot


Global Points of Presence


Billion Requests Processed Daily


Tbps Redundant Bandwidth


ms Response time


Million CC
Attack Denials Daily

Product Benefits

Product Features

Work Mobile

DDoS Protection

Based on EdgeNext's global edge nodes, integrated CDN, WAF, and resource-sharing DDoS protection services. Effectively prevent SYN Flood, ACK flood, TCP flood, and other traffic attacks to ensure business stability.

Access Control

Supporting multi-conditional filtering by setting URL, IP, Referer, Region, UA, and other fields, combined with business scenarios logic.

Webpage Protection

Driven by AI engine + semantic analysis engine + intelligent rules, it supports targeted threat trapping and effectively governs security risks such as vulnerability intrusion, data leakage, CC attack, and so on.

CC Protection

Comprehensive protection based on the CC Intelligent Protection Engine, with a threat intelligence database and customized access control policies. It can quickly identify and block CC attacks and prevent system overload.


Supporting advanced caching, hierarchical purge cache, cache sharing, dynamic acceleration, HTTPS acceleration, HTTP2 acceleration, smart compression, and optimization for routing, search engines, and WEBP.

Application Scenarios

Security Acceleration

With Terabit-level DDoS protection capability. Security capabilities to protect against CC attacks with millions of QPS.

Provide customers with multi-dimensional acceleration and security services to ensure the security and stability of the business and enhance the system access experience.


Supporting delivery, origin switch, and network-wide delivery of the latest game version, all within seconds. Players enjoy an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

Supporting API caching and customized caching strategies to effectively deal with sudden traffic surges during game promotions.

Combined with the full-link anti-hijacking program to effectively prevent all manner of game DNS and content hijacking problems.


Combined with full-link HTTPS encryption and technologies against hot-linking, hijacking, and tampering to prevent issues such as ballot-stuffing, information leakage, and server anomalies, to meet the enhanced security needs of the financial industry.

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