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Boost your ISP/ IIG business with EdgeNext. We specialize in adding value to ISPs/IIGs’ products and solutions, creating differentiations, establishing extra income streams, and fortifying your position in the competitive market. Let us empower your success and take your business to the next level.

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Telco (ISP/IIG)

Industry Pain Points

ISPs/ IIGs find themselves trapped in an unyielding price war, constantly battling competitors on price alone. This relentless focus on price has led to a lack of differentiation, leaving them struggling to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Telcos face significant security challenges, constantly navigating the landscape of cyber threats, including continuing DDoS attacks. Safeguarding networks and infrastructure against these targeted attacks becomes a critical priority in maintaining operational integrity and protecting customer trust.

Solution Benefits


Add Value to Your Buseinss

Expand your product and service line by leveraging EdgeNext’s expertise and experiences working with 100+ ISPs/ IIGs globally


Expand Product Line & Establish Extra Revenue Stream

Expand the selection of your products and services; furthermore, generate resellable opportunities to establish extra revenue stream


Strengthen Your Position in Highly-Competitive Market

Empowered by industry-leading technologies, you will be able to strengthen the position among your peering, down-streams or competitors.

Application Scenarios

ISP/ IIG Caching CDN

Unlock substantial savings on international bandwidth by deploying a dedicated server, seamlessly connected to our advanced system within your data center. Harness the power of file caching from a vast media source, reducing costs significantly. Our solution is highly resellable and effortlessly scalable, opening doors to new opportunities for your business.

DDoS System Solution

Elevate your data center’s security with our advanced DDoS System Solution. Benefit from its automatic detection, intelligent learning, and robust cleansing capabilities. Harness the power of DDoS-Free traffic to generate additional value for your business while enjoying complete peace of mind. Safeguard your operations with confidence.

IPTV Solution

Create your own dynamic IPTV platform by seamlessly integrating local, international channels, and leading streaming platforms. Leverage the industry-leading VOD/Live Streaming CDN technology to power your platform. This exceptional solution unlocks vast opportunities for growth and success in the ever-evolving media landscape.

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