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Live Streaming Your Content
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Product Overview

Relying on its distributed global edge cloud network, EdgeNext has developed a high-availability, high-concurrency, low-latency, and easy-to-access video platform for live streaming services, all of which are enabled from an integrated live streaming solution. The platform fully integrates live stream recording, media processing, content distribution, and data analysis.

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Product Benefits

Product Features

Live Push/Pull Stream

Supports RTMP protocol push method, supports edge push method, and real-time protocol conversion, such as RTMP to HLS, and RTMP to FLV.

Live Streaming in Multiple Formats

Supports RTMP, FLV, and HLS protocol live stream output; supports simultaneous conversion and delivery of multiple live streams with different resolutions; combined with advanced live stream capabilities such as instant time to the first frame, live time shift, etc., using the advantage of EdgeNext’s edge network transmission to achieve domestic and overseas acceleration scenarios with full global coverage.

Live Streaming Real-time Processing

Supports real-time transcoding, multi-bitrate transcoding, and resolution conversion.

supports live watermark, synchronous recording, real-time screenshots, and other functions.

Security Protection

The platform supports HTTPS security acceleration to effectively protect against hotlinking, tampering, and leaking. It supports multiple access control strategies such as IP black and white list, referrer black and white list, timestamp anti-theft chain, back-to-origin authentication, etc., effectively eliminating illegal push and pull behaviors. The platform also supports instant banning and delayed live streaming to improve customer compliance requirements.

Data Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of real-time push streaming quality monitoring, real-time bandwidth, traffic, concurrent requests, etc.

Open standard API interface to assist customers in adjusting business and operating strategies based on the results of data analysis.

Application Scenarios

Live Streaming for E-commerce

The platform supports tens of millions of concurrent requests and online interactions, ensures low network latency and minimal disconnections for seamless live video streaming experiences, and helps e-commerce platforms grow their business.

Live Streaming for Gaming

The platform provides live stream gaming services with high availability and low network latency. In addition, the platform concurrently supports video recording, service-start reminders, and other functions.

Live Streaming for Sporting Events

The platform provides excellent live sports broadcasting experiences for large-scale events while protecting video copyright through security measures such as Hotlink Protection.

Live Streaming for Education (e-learning)

Through the EdgeNext global edge cloud service nodes, the platform can support online interactions between teachers and students, ensuring a high-quality live video streaming experience, even in areas with poor network connectivity.

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EdgeNext Streaming EdgeNext Streaming

EdgeNext Streaming

Live Streaming Your Content
From Anywhere to Everywhere