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Leveraging over 1,700 global edge nodes, EdgeNext improves user experience by caching and delivering content close to end-users. Fetching content from edge nodes reduces network latency caused by internet congestion and increases the cache hit ratio, thus reducing back-to-origin traffic.

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Product Benefits

Imagine The Amazing Result You Can Generate With EdgeNext​

Multi-dimensional attack data analysis helps with accurate tracing.

Supports a variety of protocol accesses, including HTTP(S)/TCP/UDP/Websocket, with a separate IP for private protection, to provide all types of business with DDoS protection.

With protection response delay under 5s, and packet processing delay under 20us, it quickly mitigates the impact of attacks through timely response and effective management.

Increased use of machine learning linked models identifying an expanded range of attack possibilities with superior prevention and control of variants new reflective, and other types of DDoS attacks.

Product features


DDoS Traffic Cleansing

Supports network layer, transmission layer, application layer full link traffic cleansing for all-around blocking filtering of DDoS threats.


DDoS Attack and Defense Situation

Real-time display of attack data, providing panoramic attack visualization and DDoS attack incident monitoring and warning services.


Exclusive IP for Anti-DDoS Protection

Provide separate dedicated IP with traffic cleansing capability to avoid the impact of other clients’ services and provide the ultimate DDoS protection.

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