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EdgeNext’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides global users with flexible and scalable computing capabilities. By constructing a globally distributed network with over 1,700 edge nodes, EdgeNext provides edge computing capability. Compared with a central cloud computing power model, this supports the need for ultra-low latency, low cost, and high elasticity.

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Product Benefits

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Relying on EdgeNext’s global edge node network, the Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides users with ample capacity for cluster location selection while allowing elastic expansion in seconds and guaranteed uptime in the face of sudden or unexpected service traffic bursts.

EdgeNext Virtual Private Server (VPS) supports, self-selection, server specification configurations, and the choice of geographical regions for deployment. Each virtual instance is device isolated, has a private network IP segment, and supports customized routing rules, to provide user security and autonomous control.

EdgeNext Virtual Private Server (VPS) supports batch operations (e.g., starting virtual instances with SSD and public network bandwidth, etc.). The setup, configuration, and availability of a single instance can be achieved in less than 60 seconds while supporting the user’s need to access it at any time.

EdgeNext Virtual Private Server (VPS) supports one-click fast access to server resources and online remote control. The minimalist console interaction style dramatically improves the operational efficiency of getting started with the application, allowing users to focus more on their primary business needs.

EdgeNext Virtual Private Server (VPS) supports multiple flexible payment methods, including pay-as-you-go and subscription models. Billing is based on the actual usage of the resource with a granularity of the billing time accurate to the minute level. It gives users a transparent understanding of their bills and achieves greater cost control.

Core Features

Full Lifecycle Management

EdgeNext Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides high-performance, secure, reliable, stable, and customizable cloud servers. With a visual console that supports full lifecycle operations management functions, from resource creation to recovery and release.

Proprietary Network

EdgeNext Virtual Private Server (VPS) supports VPC proprietary networks through complete network isolation between different VPCs.

Visualization Analysis

EdgeNext Virtual Private Server (VPS) lets clients view detailed information, including cloud server operational status, network quality, logs, and more. Through data visualization, EdgeNext Edge Cloud reporting helps enterprises to analyze data more efficiently.

Public and Private Mirror Configuration

EdgeNext Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides various public system images, which can be selected when configuring an VPS host. It also supports the ability to create a private image of the configured VPS host.
This, in turn, makes it convenient to quickly clone the configuration information to a new VPS host.

Application Scenarios

Operational Monitoring

With the continuous enrichment of Internet applications, the increasing volume of Internet users, and the widening regional distribution, the demand of Internet enterprises for monitoring the operation of their businesses has gradually come to the fore. The service can achieve highly accurate service monitoring by deploying detection services at the edge nodes, real-time detection of service connectivity, response performance, response content, and other aspects.

Video Surveillance

As part of the rapid digital transformation of businesses, offices, and government, traditional manual surveillance methods are transformed into more intelligent surveillance methods. This process creates numerous video streams that must be analyzed, processed, and stored close to each other. EdgeNext edge server service establishes analysis centers close to the data generating site to perform data reception, storage, and analysis, effectively improving the quality of monitoring and analysis decisions and reducing service costs.

Interactive Live Streaming

The interactive scenarios in live streaming require real-time performance along with ultra-low latency. Deploying service nodes in nearby locations can significantly improve network quality and reduce bandwidth pressure from the service backbone network while enhancing the real-time interactive experience of end-users.

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