Video Ringback Tone

Turn every phone call into an opportunity to target, engage, and connect

Product Overview

What is EdgeNext

Video Ringback Tone?

An industry-leading solution built for telecoms that allows individual users, or organizations to set up customized video ringback tones. Transform traditional cell phone call wait time into an opportunity to engage with relationship

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Product Features

Imagine The Amazing Result You Can Generate With EdgeNext​

Tailor users’ content to perfection with an array of creative tools, from professional-grade filters to intuitive editing options that put users’ unique vision in the spotlight.

Users can share moments effortlessly with the user-friendly sharing features, ensuring users’ creations reach the audience with just a few taps.

Stay connected without the worry of data drains, utilize the optimized platform that provides a seamless experience even in low bandwidth conditions.

Dive into a vast treasure trove of content, offering an endless stream of inspiration, entertainment, and knowledge to keep users engaged and delighted.

How it Works


Choose Your Video

Browse our extensive library or upload your video


Set Preferences

Customize how your Video Ringback Tone appears


Enjoy the Experience

Every call becomes a visual delight for both you and your callers

Application Scenarios

Businesses & Organizations

Precise Targeting

Increase Sales 

Deliver Brand Story & Equity

End Users





Why EdgeNext?

Regional Expertises

Advanced Smart Caching

Powerful Security

Competitive Pricing

Customizable Solutions

Free technical support

Robust Integration

Website? Application? Content?

No Problem.

Deliver whatever you want to wherever you want

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