EdgeNext Bare Metal Server

Product Overview

Utilizing its extensive edge cloud network, EdgeNext Bare Metal Server provides high-performance, elastic and scalable physical server instances. Incorporating dynamic network clustering and distributed storage features, EdgeNext helps enterprises grow their business rapidly and securely by conducting rapid deployment with edge-based security isolation capabilities.

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Solution Benefits

Product Features

Work Mobile

High-Performance Computing Power

EdgeNext provides high-performance, secure, reliable, stable, and exclusive physical computing resources.

Virtual Private Cloud Compatibility

EdgeNext supports virtual private cloud networking with physical and virtual machine instances. This helps to achieve integration between bare metal and virtual machines.

Visualization Analysis

EdgeNext supports real-time visualization of operational status, network quality, operation logging, and other information to help enterprises analyze business running status more efficiently.

Full-lifecycle Management

EdgeNext supports full lifecycle operation management from resource creation to recycling.

Flexible Billing Methods

EdgeNext supports billing by year, month, hour, or by usage. Payment methods are also flexible. Prepaid or postpaid are both accepted.

Unified Control

EdgeNext ensures unified remote control of physical machines by being fully compatible with the console-side VNC remote login operating system.

Application Scenarios

High-Density Computing

By pooling physical server resources, EdgeNext provides computing instances that are not limited by computing power, bandwidth, and other resources.

Rapid delivery of enterprise-wide physical instances improves performance and cost-efficiency by supporting instant creation, automatic deployment, and swift delivery in massive, high-density computing business scenarios.

Create Secured Database

EdgeNext improves performance and secures enterprise databases by providing servers with different technical specifications. Shared cloud storage toggling, triple backup, and elastic space expansion ensures 99.9999999% data usability.

Privatized Service Deployment

EdgeNext provides physical machine instances through a cloud model. Having complete control of their computing platform, enterprises can focus on improving the service experience without worrying about privacy and security.

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