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Live Streaming

Deliver a seamless, high-quality & ultra-low latency viewing experience to global audiences

Large File

Accelerate installation files, patches, or any kind of media content download time 10x faster

Gaming &

Improve gaming quality from high-resolution graphics, in-game conversation, to security

Web 3.0 &
Block Chain

Gear up with advanced cloud security features to protect transactions, wallets, and data


Save international traffic & bandwidth, leverage CDN to reduce cost and stay ahead of competition

& EVs

Elevate software engineering, user experience, & data security with cloud computing


Empower your AI system with robust cloud computing technology to deliver data faster & better


Ensure the users are enjoying high-quality content seamlessly from any where in the world

Expand 10x Faster

Effective solution tailored to your needs

CDN & Streaming

Skyrocket your content delivery
from anywhere to everywhere

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Work Mobile

Key to Your Target Regions & Markets

Expertise in APAC, China, MEA & Global Cloud Delivery

End of Latency & Traffic Banned Frustration

Ultra low latency with seamless content delivery

Competitive Pricing & Efficient Performance

Go big with great performance & unbeatable pricing

Highly Customizable Features

Build an affective solution tailored to your needs

Even More Beyond

Edge Computing
The Start of Something Big

Virtual Private Server

Edge cloud computing capability with ultra-low latency, low cost, & high elasticity

Bare Metal Server

High-performance, elastic and scalable physical server instances

Robust Integration

Website? Application? Content? No Problem.
Deliver whatever you want to wherever you want

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The most critical pain points of using other providers are traffic banned by local governments and high latency. EdgeNext specializes in APAC, China, MEA, and Global CDN services. On top of that, EdgeNext thrives to provide effective solutions that built for each industry and use case specifically to meet the needs and help solve the painpoints. 24/7 Bilingual customer support with competitive pricing also add values to EdgeNext's services.
Chinese regulations are the entry barriers for most organizations, but not for EdgeNext's clients. We offer the best solutions you can find in the industry in terms of performance, pricing and reliability.
No ICP? No problem. Speak to our China CDN Expert today!
Yes, we do. Unlike other major providers, we do have our own EdgeNext-managed resources and infrastructures that support Private Cloud Solutions. Exclusively for maximized performance and results.
Malicious attacks are common threats to international businesses or data sensitive industries; therefore, by leveraging security CDN and multiple cleansing nodes, we can help protect your assets and datas automatically.
EdgeNext's edge computing focuses on bringing computing close to the source of data to minimize latency and bandwidth use. It can significantly enhance your business's software engineering, IoT structure, data performance...etc.

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