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Product Overview

Leveraging over 2,000 global edge cloud service nodes, EdgeNext improves user experience by caching and delivering content close to end-users. Fetching content from edge nodes reduces network latency caused by internet congestion and increases the cache hit ratio, thus reducing back-to-origin traffic.

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Product Benefits

Full Features & Scalable Architecture

Edgenext’s modular CDN meets unique needs for clients of all sizes. Features like access control and cache management ensure stability and quick response.

Extensive Network Resources

With 2,000+ nodes globally, Edgenext’s network resources cover 250+ cities interconnected via 200+ ISPs. Its network connects users with the closest nodes achieving optimal user experience.

Real Time Intelligent Routing

Edgenext dynamically creates the best network route using real-time status. Its evolving IP database smartly routes connections, ensuring high network performance and availability.

Stable Services

With its extensive edge cloud network, Edgenext’s bandwidth capacity handles traffic surges with ease. Features such as protocol optimization, pre-caching, multi-level caching, and website snapshot ensure a highly stable, efficient network.

Product Features

Work Mobile

Proprietary Performance Optimization

TCP optimization improves connection and service availability.

Static file compression reduces traffic levels and delivery costs.

Dynamic URL parameter interpretation increases the cache hit ratio and delivery efficiency.

Image Optimization technology

EdgeNext provides an inline image optimization technology built within its CDN. Other providers have this as a separate product that requires integration with the CDN.

EdgeNext Image Optimization will convert jpeg, jpg, png, bmp & gif images to webp format.

Image Optimization will provide “real-time” crop & resize of the webp files. New image sizes will be rendered based on request URL parameters – these resized/cropped images will be cached for subsequent requests.

Image Optimization will also retrieve, crop, and resize webp formatted images from the origin if the origin already has images in webp format.

Cache Management

Instant purging of cache in seconds.

Increased cache efficiency and delivery improvement by precaching content on CDN edge nodes.

Supports customizable cache rulesets.

Access Control

Dynamic visitor ID and IP lists prevent hot-linking.

Token-authenticated URLs block unauthorized asset distribution.

Customizable access rules meet business needs.

Origin-pull Management

Support multi-origin load balancing strategies such as primary and secondary, polling, and weighting - to reduce the load on origins and improve service availability.

Support HTTPS back to the origin, achieving full-link security acceleration.

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