AWS Case Study

Customer Background:

Livemoodlife is a globally renowned financial services provider dedicated to providing comprehensive financial services for clients worldwide, including securities, reimbursements, trusts, and more. Their services span various areas such as planning, benefits, management, and operations, which is aiming to assist clients in achieving financial goals and economic efficiency. Comprised of experienced and highly knowledgeable financial experts, the company is committed to delivering top-quality services to meet diverse client needs. As a leading global financial services firm, Livemoodlife consistently prioritizes customer – centricity, offering the most valuable services to its clients.


The primary challenges faced by the company include addressing the surge in traffic and data volume due to business growth and ensuring the high availability and security of the website. The existing IT architecture based on traditional data centers can no longer meet these demands, and the costs are becoming increasingly high.

  • • Rapid Resource Provisioning: The need to provision IT resources within minutes, enabling the swift deployment of business operations to meet the resource demands brought about by business growth.
    • High Service Availability: As the services host critical customer operations, ensuring real-time online availability of business services is crucial.
    • Ultra-Fast User Access: With users distributed across multiple regions globally, issues such as high latency and slow response times are intolerable.


The customer built their business systems for customer service on AWS, ensuring business flexibility, agility, scalability, and stability.

• Constructed VPC services: Assisted the customer in building public and private subnets within the VPC. Public subnets included gateways and load balancers, while two private subnets were designated for data storage and business workloads.

• Business Resolution Service: Implemented business resolution services using Route 53, coupled with CloudFront to accelerate business access. This facilitated rapid access to business resources in the AWS cloud, enhancing user experience.

• Accessing VPC Resources: Utilized Gateway (GW) to access resources within VPC, automated load balancing of business through LB, and implemented Auto Scaling to scale IT resources  automatically. High-availability services were employed to improve access efficiency and reduce single points of failure.

• Security Measures: Implemented security features using KMS, IAM, and WAF to ensure data, business, and identity security.

• Decoupling Business with MQ: Leveraged MQ to decouple customer business operations, providing services in a loosely coupled manner for easy scalability of resources in the cloud.

• Storage of Static Resources and Backup Data: Employed intelligent tiering technology for storing static resources and backup data, facilitating automatic switching between cold, warm, and hot data, thereby saving costs for the customer.

• Automated Operations and Deployment: Utilized CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, and S3 for automated operations and deployment of services, enhancing operational efficiency in business development.

Project Achievements:

• Improved Business System Stability: Enhanced the stability of the customer’s business system, increasing service availability from the original 99% to 99.99%, with virtually no downtime.

• Reduced Website Response Time: Reduced the website’s response time from the original 5 seconds to less than 1 second, significantly enhancing user experience.

• Increased Operational Efficiency: Further improved the website’s operational efficiency, reducing service release time from several hours to minutes, enabling swift responses to business demands.

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