EdgeNext Anti-DDoS Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: November 15, 2022

This EdgeNext Anti-DDoS Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) sets forth the service availability metrics, and compensation plan for Anti-DDoS provided to you by EdgeNext, and your purchase and use of the service is governed by the EdgeNext International Website Product Terms of Service (“Product Terms”) between EdgeNext and you. This SLA applies only to your purchase and use of services provided directly by EdgeNext for a fee and does not apply to any free services or trial services provided by EdgeNext.


I. Business description

1. Anti-DDoS service refers to the DDoS traffic-based attack defence and service management system provided by EdgeNext. It is suitable for business scenarios that deal with targeted, persistent, large-scale DDoS governance and is an advanced DDoS protection product that provides locally-deployed, privatized data cleansing for data centres.


II. Definitions

1. DDoS: Distributed Denial of Service, or distributed denial of service attack, is an attack in the cloud that prevents users from accessing their data, applications or websites in the cloud by impersonating a large number of regular service requests.

2. Cleaning: This service monitors the data traffic entering the user in real-time to detect abnormal traffic, including DDoS attacks promptly. Without affecting regular business, the abnormal traffic is cleansed. That is: redirect suspicious traffic from the original network path to the cleaning product for malicious traffic identification and stripping, and legitimate traffic back to the actual network forwarded to the target system.

3. Traffic Attack Cleaning Rate: refers to the DDoS traffic-based attack blocking ratio.

4. DDoS Protection Services: DDoS attack protection services are provided to users based on traffic cleaning, black holes, etc. After the user has purchased and deployed a DDoS protection service package corresponding to the traffic peak, the user’s source server can operate normally when DDoS attacks it, and the deployed traffic peak is not exceeded.

5. Service Period: refers to each natural month included in the service term of your Anti-DDoS service purchase. Service availability is accounted for separately by wild month.

6. Total minutes of Service Period = Total days in Service Period * 24 (hours) * 60 (minutes)

Assuming a 30-day Service Period for the month, the total number of Service Period minutes = 30 (days) * 24 (hours) * 60 (minutes) = 43,200 minutes

7. Service Unavailability: Unsuccessful protection against an attack of a supported protection type or failure of the Anti-DDoS system, resulting in a drop in user traffic of more than 20% for more than 10 minutes.

8. Service Downtime = service unavailability resolution time – service unavailability start time.

Downtime is calculated minute-by-minute, with less than 60 seconds counted as one minute. If the time for business failure to return to normal is less than 1 minute 

(i.e. Service Downtime for a duration of no more than 1 minute), it will not be counted as the Service Downtime.


III. Service Availability

1. Service Availability  = [(Total minutes of Service Period – Service Downtime) / Total minutes of Service Period] * 100%

2. Service Level Commitment

Anti-DDoS Service Availability is no less than 99%, and the Traffic Attack Cleaning Rate is no less than 95%. Assuming a 30-day Service Period for the month, Service Availability time for the Service Period = 30 days × 24 hours × 60 minutes × 99% = 42768 minutes, i.e. allow 43200 – 42768 = 432 minutes of Service Unavailability.

3. If the Anti-DDoS Service does not achieve the above Availability Commitment, you will be entitled to compensation following Clause 4 of this Agreement.

4. Exclusion of liability

Please be aware that the service is unavailable for the following reasons and that the corresponding period of unavailability is NOT part of the calculation of the Service Unavailability and is NOT covered by EdgeNext’s Service Level Commitment. 

Unavailability of the Service due to:

4.1 business shutdowns caused by an offence in your business;

4.2 your non-payment or arrears;

4.3 system maintenance at the server room where you deploy Anti-DDoS services, including cutovers, repairs, upgrades and simulated service interruptions caused by failure drills;

4.4 loss or leakage of data, passwords, passwords, etc., as a result of improper maintenance or confidentiality by you;

4.5 a severe fault generated by the network operator;

4.6 force majeure;

4.7 other non-EdgeNext reasons, including but not limited to network, device failure or policy configuration adjustments outside of the EdgeNext-owned device.


IV. Compensation Programme

1. Credit Award

The Credit Award will be calculated according to the following table, based on the percentage of Service Availability for Anti-DDoS under your EdgeNext account, and is only available as vouchers for the purchase of Anti-DDoS products, and the total amount of Credit Award shall not exceed 25% of the monthly service fee you pay for that month.

Service Availability

Credit awarded

95 % ≤ Service availability < 99 %

10% MRC of Affected Service

Service availability < 95%

25% MRC of Affected Service

2. Time limit for Outage Report

You may submit the Outage Report after the fifth (5th) business day of each natural month for instances where the Service Level Commitment was not met in the previous month. Outage Report time is limited to two (2) months after the end of the month in which Anti-DDoS did not meet the Service Level Commitment.. Outage Report made after the application time will not be accepted.


V. Other

EdgeNext reserves the right to modify Terms and Conditions within this Agreement as appropriate or necessary in light of changes. The latest version of the Agreement can be reviewed on the EdgeNext Website. If you disagree with the changes made by EdgeNext to the Agreement, you have the right to stop using this EdgeNext service, and if you continue to use this EdgeNext service, you will be deemed to have accepted the modified Agreement.

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