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US Top Gaming Company Overview

Our client is one of the most successful game companies in the U.S serving global range users. Its main businesses are video game development, publishing, and digital distribution.

Significant market growth in Gaming industry

The global games market is expected to generate $189.3 billion in 2024

Massive expansion in global gaming population

Approximately 3.32 billion active video gamers worldwide. That figure has risen by well over 1 billion in just eight years

Core Challenges


How would EdgeNext help with their goal:

high-reliability, low-latency, high-quality acceleration services

Large File Download Optimization

EdgeNext can also provide the client with elastic scaling to shorten download time for games facing massive traffic bursts in download requests. Including installation packages, patches, and other gaming media content

Intelligent Routing

Empowered by its extensive global network resources, EdgeNext can accommodate traffic surges during mega-events (12 times higher than daily traffic peak) and ensure video streams seamlessly across the entire network.

Elastic Scaling

EdgeNext pushes installation packages, patches, and other gaming resources to the PoPs closest to the user and intelligently balance the loads based on user location, network latency, and capacity. As a result, it provides scalability for gaming companies under scenarios with high concurrent requests such as game launches, promotions, or updates.

Why EdgeNext?

Faster & More Stable Document Download

Customized Solution to Cater Business Needs

Transparent Pricing Pay
for the Actual Traffic Costs

24/7 Bilingual Support

Connect with EdgeNext worldwide

Connect To


Pops around the world

High Performance


Service Zero Downtime

Flexible Scaling


high-quality PoPs around the world

More about EdgeNext

By offering Large File Download Optimization, the client is able to consistently provide quality gaming experience for global users to build a cohesive community.

EdgeNext’s other gaming solutions ensure a smooth gaming experience for customers looking to accelerate game downloads, deliver a smooth gaming experience, or optimize gameplay.

Industry Awards:

Industry Awards:

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