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EdgeNext ?

Enhanced Cache Efficiency (80-90%)

Deliver superior user experiences with a high cache fill ratio, optimizing network load.

Significant Cost Savings

Slash international bandwidth expenses by up to 90% using our advanced CDN infrastructure.

Dynamic Scalability

Seamlessly expand your services to accommodate growing demands with ease.

Ultra-Low Latency

Ensure first-screen load times under 10ms for an incredibly fast user experience.


Exceptional Gaming Performance

Provide your users with a lag-free, immersive gaming experience.

Top-Tier VOD & Live Streaming

Offer unrivaled video-on-demand and live streaming services with exceptional speed and reliability.

How to Become a Partner


Technical Discussion

Engage with our technical team to explore the integration and benefits of partnering with EdgeNext.



Sign Agreement

Formalize the partnership with a clear and concise agreement outlining mutual benefits and responsibilities.




Our expert team will assist you with deploying the necessary infrastructure to integrate our CDN services seamlessly.


Activate Service

Launch the enhanced services and start reaping the benefits of reduced costs and improved network performance.

Partner Benefits

Ready-to-go pitch materials

Master every pitch with ready-to-go and customizable materials.

Partner commission

Earn generous commissions or discounts for bringing new clients onboard.


Enjoy free sales, marketing, and technical training to quickly bring offers to market

Dedicated support

Get direct access to our technical support team for guidance and troubleshooting.


Leverage EdgeNext’s marketing resources to promote your brand and generate leads.

API access

Gain full access to available API end-points for platform integration.

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