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Giant Network Group Overview

Giant Network Group is a global developer and publisher of PC, mobile, and console games. Founded in 2004, Giant Network Group Co Ltd is headquartered in Shanghai.

Chinese Gaming Growth

The Chinese gaming market is expected to register a 14% CAGR from 2021-2026

China's $49B Gaming Revenue

Chinese online gaming market sales revenue reach to $49 Billion in 2021

Core Challenges


How would EdgeNext help with their goal:

New & Innovative, Stable & Seamless Experience for Players

Whole Application Acceleration

EdgeNext leverages its lightweight SDK and UDP-based ultra-low-latency streaming technology to provide high-resolution video and audio and reduces the end-to-end delay to less than 150ms.

End-to-end Security Protection

EdgeNext’s Edge Security product uses big data analysis technology and AI algorithms to continuously analyze user behavior and provide in-depth threat detection for enterprises and gaming companies.

Globally Distributed Network

Empowered by its extensive global network resources, EdgeNext can accommodate traffic surges during mega-events (12 times higher than daily traffic peak) and ensure video streams seamlessly across the entire network.

Why EdgeNext?

9 million

Credential Stuffing & Scan Attacks Intercepted

100 thousand

Unknown Attacks Protected from the Origin

80 Percent

Security Alert Reduced

API Acceleration

Link Optimization

User Behavior Analysis

In-Depth Threat Detection

Intelligent Routing

Connect with EdgeNext worldwide

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Pops around the world

Big Data Analysis

AI Algorithms

UDP Streaming

Lightweight SDK


high-quality PoPs around the world

More about EdgeNext

By offloading the content delivery to EdgeNext, Giant Network can focus on developing and innovating its services and applications while improving its operational efficiency to provide a better player experience and become more competitive in the market.

Since 2017, EdgeNext has offered CDN services & edge security services to Giant Network to provide the best gaming experience to players worldwide.

Other products: webpage acceleration, software download acceleration, application acceleration, and more.

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