AWS Case Study


Wokki is a company specializing in mobile game development, composed of a team of innovative and skilled individuals. The goal is to provide the best gaming experience for players worldwide. The product portfolio includes various types of games, including strategy games, role-playing games, and casual games. The games have received enthusiastic acclaim from players globally, establishing the company’s significant position in the gaming industry.


As the business continues to expand, the company is facing several challenges.
• Firstly, the business needs to handle a large amount of data, including player, game, and transaction data. The processing and analysis of this data are crucial for the company’s business decision-making.
• Secondly, the company needs to ensure the stability and availability of game servers to provide a seamless gaming experience. Any delays or interruptions could impact the player experience and even lead to losing players.
• Lastly, the business needs to provide services globally, requiring the company to have the capability to deploy and manage servers in different regions. This places high demands on its technical team.


AWS provides a series of solutions to help wokki address these challenges.
• Use Amazon S3 to store and process wokki’s big data. Amazon S3 offers a secure, durable, and highly scalable object storage service, helping wokki efficiently manage and analyze data.
• Amazon EC2 provides elastic computing capacity, allowing wokki to scale based on its needs. Increase the number of servers when needed and decrease them when not, thus saving costs.
• Amazon RDS provides a relational database that is easy to set up, operate, and scale, enabling more efficient wokki data management and better service provision.

• Most importantly, AWS’s global infrastructure enables Wokki to deploy and manage services globally. This dramatically simplifies Wokki’s operational processes and enhances the quality of its services.

Project Achievements:

By using AWS services, wokki has achieved significant benefits:
• Firstly, Wokki’s operational efficiency has improved because AWS services have reduced Wokki’s management burden. Wokki can dedicate more time and effort to game development and optimization, rather than spend it on server management and data processing.
• Secondly, Wokki’s service quality has also improved due to AWS’s reliability and performance. Wokki’s game servers can provide stable and fast responses, delivering an excellent gaming experience.
• Lastly, Wokki’s business has successfully expanded globally, primarily attributed to AWS’s global infrastructure. Wokki can now enter new markets more quickly and provide high-quality services to players worldwide.

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