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December 13, 2022
A Memorandum of Cooperation Signed Among EdgeNext, Ajlan & Bros Holding Group, and Aofei International to Develop Digital Infrastructure in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA), bringing global leading companies investing in edge-computing and data centers, witnessed a signing of a memorandum of cooperation among EdgeNext, Ajlan & Bros Holding Group, and Aofei International in Riyadh. The three parties will cooperate to establish integrated services covering fundamental IDC infrastructures to upper-level edge cloud platform, accelerate the digital economy development of Saudi Arabia, assist local firms in the digital transformation process, and help global enterprises to seize development opportunities in the MEA region.


Ajlan & Bros Holding Group

Ajlan & Bros is one of the largest private sector conglomerates in the MEA region, with more than 20 years of experience investing in the Chinese market. Backed by substantial capital and financial capabilities, comprehensive local resources and connections, and a solid relationship with the Arabic government, Ajlan & Bros, has become one of the most important players in business collaboration between China and the MEA region.


Aofei Data International Company Limited

Aofei International has solid partnerships and collaborations with 100+ telecoms, data centers, and enterprises of submarine communication cables globally. It has integrated telecom-grade Internet and data center services in the APAC, EU, NA, and MEA.



As an industry-leading edge cloud service provider with more than 1300 PoPs globally, EdgeNext has continuously worked toward node and infrastructure expansion in the MEA to provide effective solutions to major ISPs, local and global organizations, and business partners tailored to their needs.


This collaboration allows the three parties to utilize their strength and expertise in capital and financial capabilities, local market resources, edge-cloud computing technologies, industry experience, and data center development while working together in the construction of the Riyadh data center to establish a wide-covered infrastructure with a comprehensive solution of services, internet, storage, distribution, and security. Ultimately continuously expanding the business and strengthening the digital infrastructure and Internet service in the MEA.


‘’We have been involved in the Chinese market for years, and we always value the opportunity to collaborate with and have extensive discussions with Chinese companies. We hope to leverage this cooperation with EdgeNext, Aofei International, and other Chinese tech companies under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 framework to expand the businesses in 5G, cloud computing, big data, and AI industries. Additionally, promote digital transformation and share in the joint success. ‘’ Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Alajlan- Deputy Chairman of Ajlan & Bros Holding Group


‘’The MEA market is one of Aofei International’s major focuses. By having two other great business partners strategically teamed up, we will leverage each other’s expertise in capital, technical, marketing, and business operations, significantly enhancing the localization and capabilities of products and services of Aofei International. We are looking forward to great success together; moreover, providing solid support to the implementation of Saudi Arabia’s National Transformation Program and Vision 2030.’’ Said Mr. Yang Peifeng, CEO of Aofei International


“This collaboration is essential in positioning EdgeNext as a mission-critical, comprehensive edge cloud service provider in Saudi Arabia and the MEA region. We strive to help our business partners operate more efficiently with effective solutions and further strengthen communities worldwide while also searching for a new means of making communication more accessible and better. ‘’ said Robert Sha, CEO of EdgeNext International Holdings Limited.