EdgeNext China CDN EdgeNext China CDN

EdgeNext China CDN

Optimize Your Digital Presence in China and Asia

China CDN

Accelerate your websites, apps, downloads, and streaming for your online users in China and Asia. Join companies worldwide in leveraging EdgeNext’s extensive network, customized solutions, and local expertise to provide a seamless content experience throughout China, Southeast Asia and India.

China Content Delivery Challenges

Complex Network Environment in China
China’s internet is a unique network operating under government rulesets and censorship. Only licensed content delivery providers can set up network footprints in the country. Also, the peering between the Internet Service Providers in China, unlike in the United States and European countries, is usually congested, resulting in unstable interstate data transmission.
Perplexing Regulations
To better serve your users in mainland China, you need to consider hosting your content inside the country in the first place. However, the government requires an Internet Content Provider (ICP) License for web hosting; obtaining one can take much effort. Check out our ICP Guideline to start the application process quickly.
Security Concerns
Over the years, cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue for Asia, which is home to many cyber perpetrators and their targets. Malicious cyber-attacks can lead to devastating results to any digital assets delivered to the region if without protection.

How We Can Help

Cross-border Content Delivery

EdgeNext has strong ISP interconnectivity throughout Asia and strategically placed over 1300+ Points of Presence in China, Southeast Asia, and India, connecting millions of users with speed and availability.

We help you reduce network latency and ensure a streamlined content experience throughout the regions, whether static or dynamic. We get you covered for website acceleration, software downloads, application acceleration, and more.

Learn more about EdgeNext Cloud Delivery (link to About us page)

Cross-border Streaming & VOD Delivery

EdgeNext’s streaming platform optimizes cross-border Live Streaming and Video-on-demand (VOD) content.

With advanced streaming engines for encoding, transcoding, and optimized routing, EdgeNext provides one-stop streaming services, enabling you to focus on creating content and rely on EdgeNext to deliver a superior streaming experience to end-users in China, Southeast Asia, India, and beyond.

Learn more about EdgeNext Streaming Delivery (link to streaming product page)

Cloud Security

Leveraging EdgeNext’s high-bandwidth, globally distributed network with multiple tiered architectures, our Cloud Shield security solution provides broad protection for websites and applications against all types of sophisticated attacks, including DDoS, web application, direct to origin attacks and malicious bots. You do not need to sacrifice performance for protection.

EdgeNext Advantages in China and Asia

Robust network and top-notch network performance in Southeast Asia, China & India
Custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific needs in the Asia region
Licensed edge cloud service provider with deep expertise in China regulations
Experienced technical team available to provide bilingual support around the clock
EdgeNext China CDN EdgeNext China CDN

EdgeNext China CDN

Optimize Your Digital Presence in China and Asia